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The boss himself takes you on the road. As an enthusiastic motorcyclist himself, he has perfected the motorbike holiday for bikers of all kind of skills and levels.

Christian Reich – Experienced Alpine Biker with Know How

Christian, naturally an enthusiastic motorcyclist himself, has perfected the motorbike holiday, so to speak. He knows the tastes of different types of bikers and has just the right tour recommendations ready for everyone.

He is at your side with advice, assistance and tools. In case of any problems with your motorbike, he even provides motorbike tyres, lubricants and cleaning agents. All for the best prices, and loves to tell you about the most winding roads and the best places to stop for a hungry biker!

Christian Reich


Of course I couldn't wait and had my first moped at the age of 15, barely 16 I was already in hospital for the first time with a broken leg, after 2 years of moped and motocross I bought my first real motorbike, an RD 350. It didn't take long to get infected by the 2-stroke virus and I got myself an NSR400R and later an RD500 and RGV 500 - they were rockets!

1990 was the year of abstinence, apart from the army I unfortunately had no money, but I still rode a bit of motocross.

In 1991 I bought my first FZR 1000 and rode it for many a fast kilometre in the mountains and of course every year to the famous Bol D’Or at the 24-hour race in Le Castelet.

In 1995 I took over the business from my parents, so I thought now I had no more time for motorcycling anyway and decided to sell everything, but it didn't last long and so of course another motocross had to come into the house.

After a few brief thoughts, I had the brilliant idea of a "motorbike hotel". Now it was my profession and I suddenly had time for motorcycling, guided tours, tour guide training, race track training, etc. - What a dream - to turn a hobby into a profession.

So the years went by until today, I did everything on 2 wheels, in 2001 I had an unintentional slip after a blocker, luckily on the race track, in 2003 I competed in a few supermoto state championship races, but I noticed that I enjoyed the racetrack more and so I went back to the racetrack several times a year until today (in the meantime there are many "unintentional slips"), I can recommend it to every motorcyclist, it brings an incredible safety and perfection for the road, as they say "learning by doing".

In the meantime I ride about 30K kilometres of motorbike per year, on the road, in the dirt and of course on the race track and just imagine, it's still not routine, it's fun like on the first day, only of course with much more perfection, which I gladly pass on to you.

I wish you much feeling and grip on the front wheel!


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