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Fritz Reich took over his parents' house at Argenau 100. At that time, the house accommodated the post office, a rental apartment and a workshop in the basement.

In bygone days, Argenau 100 was the stage station for the mail coaches.

Geschichte_1958_Cafe Reich

In the same year, he founded the Cafe Reich on first floor, and shortly after the tenants moved out, Fritz Reich moved to the ground floor creating the Cafe "Grillstube" Reich.



Fritz married Irma Hammerer from Egg and together they raised two sons Markus (1969) and Christian (1972) and a daughter, Simone (1979).



In the same year, he expanded the café into a restaurant with approximately 70 seats and a hotel with 8 modern double rooms.



Fritz Reich dismantled the old forest residential house.

Geschichte_1980_alte Post

At the same time, the "Alte Post" hotel was built, as it still stands in some parts to this day. At that time, 3 double rooms and 2 spacious hotel suites were built.



The outdated restaurant was renovated.



Son Christian took over the "Alte Post" hotel, which was getting on in years at the time, and renovated it bit by bit until 2000, when the first major renovation of the old building was due.

In 1996 the hotel specialised in accommodating motorcyclists.



Christian Reich and Nicole Fechtig married and soon David (1998) and Celine (1999) completed the family.

Geschichte_2004_Bau Hotel Post


In 2004, the hotel was expanded to what would form today's Hotel Post. An indoor swimming pool with a spacious wellness area, underground parking and 6 large family flats were built. This laid the foundation for the second specialisation "family hotel" with professional child care. In 2005 and 2006, all rooms in the main building were renovated.



The new building was renovated again and an additional 4 junior suites and 3 family suites were created.



In spring, a brand new Alpen Hotel Post was built in a record time of 3 months and 3 weeks. The main building was enlarged and renovated. The result was 21 top suites and rooms, a new kitchen, lobby, hotel bar, dining room and an authentic Bregenzerwälder Stube (Bregenzerwald Tavern), which offers a particularly cosy ambience for a la carte guests. Only local, genuine materials such as wood, stone, leather and metal were used in the renovation and new construction. Guests enjoy the new Alpine architectural style and so do your hosts Christian and Nicole.


we have newly renovated 7 family suites in the adjoining house, with local craftsmen. The rooms were dressed by the company Troy in Bezau.
In 2015 we bought a house for our employees, opposite the ADEG Berlinger. Which we then later also newly renovated.



we have our small playground with swing and sandbox to the adventure playground with tree giant, water pump, climbing corner and sandbox rebuilt. Our boss Christian was day and night at the excavator driving and has helped with the conversion, that it is also time just finished.
The adults can relax on the sun terrace, while the children romp on the playground.
In 2018, the purchased employee house was remodeled. From a large family house, became 10 rooms with bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area.


in November we have renovated 27 double rooms and family suites. On 01.11.2021 all the furniture was dragged out of the rooms. After that, the workmen came in every day to install the new furniture and connect electricity. For the renovated rooms only materials like stone, wood and leather were used by the craftsmen from Au. We are overjoyed with the new hotel rooms and look forward to the feedback of our guests.